About Me

Hi there!

Welcome to my humble abode somewhere deep in the internets.

My name is Tanaya Eyvette (the is silent, but it is still pronounced like “ya-vette”).

​​Hmmm, a little more about me. I am married to my fuzzy man Peter, we have one dog (Benji) one cat (The Cat Formerly Known as Prince), and a baby girl on the way.

When I am not chasing my animals around our apartment, I like to spend some time to myself. I am a major introvert but I will work up a crowd if necessary. I love to watch anime (I’m a totally new anime babe, okay?). I love to read books, binge-watch shows, listen to true crime podcasts (my 2 favorites are True Crime Obsessed and Crime Junkie), writing and I even write poetry. My husband and I also have a YouTube channel called The Vangs! We talk love, faith, life, and food (because, duh).

​I love talking about my faith in God, and how he’s moved mountains in my life.

​I think that’s it for now. If you want to keep up with my journey, or just like to be nosy, please click below and follow me on IG!