So we meet again

Here we are, sharing a screen to my new blog. I took a year off from blogging, mainly because I was no longer satisfied with it. I got too caught up in the madness of numbers, followers, perfect photos, everything that took away from something I love to do. Writing.

I ‘ve had more time than ever now, to figure out if this was something I wanted to continue, and finally I feel like it’s time. I love sharing stories, I love talking about healing amidst this world that discredits God’s healing power, I love sharing inspirational posts…and I’m so mad at myself for stopping.

But it’s time, and I hope to continue this journey with your eyes scanning every page.

Again, welcome to my blog Crowned & Chosen, because you are.


2 responses to “So we meet again”

  1. 😘✊🏼πŸ”₯πŸ’£


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